This section outlines the availability of line drawings, blueprints, photo reprints, and document searching and photo-copying.

Immediately below this text is a link to an Adobe Acrobat "PDF" file. This link will open up the file for viewing a complete list of all blueprints and line drawings available from our archives. Please be aware that most of the PT boat detailed engineering (blueprints) has been lost to history. However we have been able to collect and maintain enough basic data to satisfy most requests. Clicking on the link below opens the file in a separate browser window. You will be able to save this file to your computer and display and print as desired. Included in the file is and order form and direction for ordering.

Blueprint & Line Drawing List

The above PDF file requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view, click here to download a free copy, if not already installed onto your computer.

Most documents and materials in our archives can be copied on our Xerox. Our organization exists to preserve the history of PTs. We also aid modelers, authors and historians. But research takes a substantial amount of time; therefore we must charge these fees for copies: 8- 1/2 x 11’s are 50 cents each. Larger pages are 60-75 cents each.

For large quantities, postage will be added.

Items that don't fit our copier or need special treatment are priced per piece. We don't have a color copier and can't make copies over
11 x 17.

If your request involves more than readily available info, a search fee will be charged. Minimum $20 for first hour, $10 per hour after that (members receive 50% discount on copying). There is no guarantee anything will be found. Once again, be very descriptive.

Examples: personal diary from Ron 13, chapter on operating 40mm automatic gun M1 from tech manual. Description of bilge system from construction manual.

All photos are reprinted as 8 x 10’s. Price $13. (subject to change). Photos can usually be ordered and shipped in 2 weeks. We go to the lab only once a week. Sometimes our lab requires more time. Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery.

The majority of WW II photos are black & white. Be very descriptive explaining what kind of photo you're looking for. If we have more than one like you ask about, we'll send Xerox copies.

Important: circle or mark in bright color the ones you want, mail them back to us. Copying fee of 50 cents per sheet waived if you order reprint. Our copier doesn't make high quality copies of photos. Payment must accompany order.

Examples: PT 155 underway, an AGP with PT hoisted in A-frame, and close-up of torpedo racks on any Elco from PT 343 to PT 360.

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