Below is a table of contents for all of the Action Reports included in the book "At Close Quarters" a navy publication published after World War II. However only two reports per section are published here. If you would like to read more please order the newly re-published book available from the Ship's Store.

SECTION 1 Into Action – Pearl Harbor and the Philippines
Section 1 The Lineup
They Look Like . . . .
Manila Bay
The Fleet Withdraws
SS Corregidor
Motor Torpedo Boats are Rapidly Deteriorating
Visit to Binanga
End of the 31
Gunnery Actions
Return to Subic
The 32 in Action
Subic Again
The General Departs
The 32
President Quezon
Engagement Off Cebu
We Could No Longer Fight
And Then There Were None
End of the Squadron
Two Hundred Boats if Possible
SECTION 2 Guadalcanal and Beyond – The Solomon's Campaign
Section 2 Midway: Between Two Campaigns
To the South Pacific
The Struggle for Guadalcanal
Meeting the Tokyo Express
The Battle of Guadalcanal
After Tassafaronga
A Lull in Operations
Loss of the Niagara
The Stanvac Manila
The McCawley
First Action at Rendova
Costly Errors
They Didn't Pass the Word
The 109
Barge Hunting
Vella Lavella
Daylight Strikes
End of the New Georgia Campaign
Treasury and Bougainville
A Brush with Torpedo Bombers
Destroyers Again
Shore Batteries
To Green Island
Action in Empress Augusta Bay
March and April 1944
The Rugged Life
Task Group 30.3
A Trap
Task Group 70.8
SECTION Southwest Pacific – Conquest of New Guinea
Section 3 To the Buna Campaign
The Cruise of the Hilo
Task Group 70.1
Battle of the Bismarck Sea
Some Barges and a Fire
Douglas Harbor and Morobe
Thursday Island
Kiriwina, Woodlark, and Nassau Bay
Actions in Huon Gulf
Lae, Salamaua, and Finschafen
Morobe: October and November
A Letter From General Berryman
Tenders, Staff, and Logistics
Dreger Harbor
Action on a Reef
A Submersible
Planes at Arawe
Actions Along the New Guinea Coast
Destruction in Hansa Bay
The Admiralties
Rein Bay and Talasea
New Britain: South Coast
Mios Woendi
Operations in Geelvink Bay
Amsterdam Island
End of the New Guinea Campaign
SECTION 4 The Aleutians – A Battle Against Weather
Section 4 A Race for Islands
MTB Division 1
Squadron 13
SECTION 5 The English Channel - D-Day and After
Section 5 D-Day and the Mason Line
The Channel Islands
The Eastern Flank
End of the Campaign
SECTION 6 Southwest Pacific - Return to the Philippines
Section 6 Morotai
Rescue in Wasile Bay
Containing and Harassing
Battle of Surigao Strait
Air Attacks
Leyte and Cebu
First Days at Mindoro
A Japanese Task Force
Mindoro Convoy
Task Group 77.11
Mindoro Patrols
13. Bases and Logistics
Lingayen Gulf
Return to Manila Bay
East to Davao
Tawi Tawi
Brunei Bay
The End and the Beginning

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