Throughout the war PT boat armament was an ever changing condition. This was mainly due to the diverse combat and tactical roles these boats were called upon to perform. In the early days with the Elco 77' boats, armament compliment was minimal compared to the late war configuration. The early boats carried 4 Mk-XIV torpedoes, and dual mounted 50cal machine guns in each of it's two turrets, with an occasional 30cal Lewis machine mount forward. Compare this with a typical late war configured boat with two to four Mk-VIII torpedoes, two dual 50cal machine guns in the turrets, a 40mm Bofors cannon mounted aft, a 37mm cannon far forward, flanked by two 20mm cannons and an assortment of other weapons such as deck mounted mortars, additional 30 and 50 caliber machine guns including two multiple 5" rocket launchers.

Dual 50cal Browning Machines Guns - mounted into hydraulic powered turrets
Early PT's carried 4 - MkIV Torpedoes in Tubes, later PT's were equipped with Mk-VIII Torpedoes
Bofors 40mm cannon, operated by a crew of four
Left; 2- 5 inch Rocket Launchers, Center Top; 1 - Mk4 20mm automatic cannon, Right; 1- 37mm automatic canon, early field installations utilized the canons removed from P-39 Aircobra fighters
Type of weapons found on PT boat included but not limit to the following: Lewis - 30 cal machine guns, Browning - 50 cal machine guns, Oerlikon - 20 mm gun, Bofor - 40 mm cannons, M3 & M9 - 37 mm rapid fire cannons, Thunderbolt System, 4 - 20 mm guns in turret mount, Mark VII & VIII Torpedoes, (long - tube discharged), Mark XIII Torpedoes (short - roll-off rack), 300 & 600 lb. depth charges, 8 tube-rocket launcher for 5" rockets, Hedgehog rocket launchers, Deck mounted mortars, Miscellaneous side and shoulder weapons.


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