The photos below are a sample of the various development and experimental boats as discussed earlier on the History Page. The PT 9 photo is the original Scott-Paine boat purchased by ELCO from the British and culminated in the development of early ELCO's 70 and 77 foot PT Boats.

PT-4, Built by Fisher Body Works, based on a George Crouch design - 58'

PT-6, Built by Higgins Industries, based on a Higgins redesign of PT-5 - 58'

PT-8, Built in the Philadelphia Navy Yard, based on US Navy design of all aluminum - 81'

PT-69, Built by Huckins Yacht Works, based on a Huckins design - 70'

PT-564, mid-war developed boat by Higgins Industries - 70'

PT-70, Built by Higgins, based on a Higgins design - 76'

PT-9, a British Scott-Paine design boat, which was the basis of the early Elco 70 and 77 foot designed boats - 70'

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