PT BOAT Electronic Greeting Cards (E-Cards)

How Does It Work:

You can send an electronic greeting to anyone who has an E-mail address or access to one. By clicking on the button below, you will be taken to a special part of our internet server where you will be able to choose from several designs, add your custom message and then address it with your and the recipient's E-mail address. After clicking on the send button a custom E-mail will be sent to the recipient, instructing them to click on the enclosed internet link where they will be able to view the E-Card you sent them. After the recipient has retrieved there E-Card, an automatic E-mail will be send to you, informing when the recipient viewed his/her E-Card. Wow neat! Please note your card will only stay on our server for 10 days, then it will be erased and will not be available for retrieval after that time.

Also note that the recipient will be able to view your sent E-Card as often as they like during the ten day period. However each time they revisit the card you will be sent a new automatic E-mail notifying you that they visited the card again; don't be alarmed if you receive multiple E-mails.

Our electronic greeting card is not the typical third party internet service that is widely found on the internet; it does not display ads or collect E-mail addresses for resale. Our greeting card service is completely run by us and contains no advertising or E-mail address collection.

So please enjoy this new feature by clicking on the "Send a PT Boat E-Card" button below.

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