PT Boats, Inc. mailing list is about 9300 (as of August 1997.) But since wives are equal members, the actual number of members is about 17,000. Several hundred children and grandchildren, over 250 modelers and many others are also members.

There are approximately 8200 PT men on a list of lost men (tracing list.) We know of just over 4500 who have died since the war. Therefore, many thousands still don't know about the organization and museum.

PT veterans continue to be located and if you are a PT Veteran or anyone knows of veterans, please ask them to contact PT Boats, Inc.

Membership is free for PT veterans, contributions from PT veterans are voluntary. Members receive a Certificate of Membership, free admission to Battleship Cove in Fall River, Massachusetts (the location of the PT Boat Museum and Library,) and the biannual magazine, All Hands.

Contributions sustain the objectives of PT Boats, Inc., which is a tax-exempt nonprofit corporation under IRS code 501(c)(3), chartered in 1967.

All contributions and memberships are greatly appreciated, and helps to keep this organization in their continuing endeavors.

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Looking For Records of Next of Kin?
Click on this link: http://www.archives.gov/veterans/evetrecs/ your request application for military records can be made through this website.You should ask for all records including medical (if you’re next of kin) and any awards the person may have earned.

When you receive these records, please share copies with PT Boats HQs.  This info will help build our PT Boat historical archives.

An Early Elco 77' PT Boat On Patrol

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