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P.T. Boats, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) historical nonprofit organization established by veterans of WWII PT service to preserve the history of Patrol Torpedo Boats, their shore bases and tenders ships, and the men who manned them.

Headquartered in a suburb of Memphis Tennessee, this organization keeps alive the history of P.T. boat service through collections of artifacts, books, documents, blueprints, manuals, photos and film.

Over one hundred books either mentioning or exclusively about PTs have been collected along with other naval references.

The collection focuses on WWII P.T. boats in the United States Navy; however, limited information has been accumulated about foreign coastal and patrol craft, including a small amount about the Korean and Vietnam-era patrol craft.

Archives at national headquarters are open by appointment. Some searches can be done by staff if questions are specific and a copying service is available for a service charge. Additionally, souvenirs such as T- shirts, caps, battle charts and videos are available by mail, as are lists of blueprints and line drawings especially useful to model builders.

PT Boats, Inc., also maintains the PT Boat Museum and Library at Battleship Cove in Fall River, Massachusetts. Where over 4,000 square feet is devoted to 43 commissioned squadrons, some 80 bases and 19 tender ships, including two completely restored P.T. boats. P.T. Boats, Inc. also publishes a fifty page magazine twice a year.

Motor Torpedo Boat Training Center - Melville, Rhode Island, during WWII

In The Beginning; a short history.

P.T. Boats Inc., was founded by Jimmy "Boats" Newberry, a prominent Memphis, Tennessee businessman and former World War II - P.T. boat veteran. P.T. Boats, Inc., was chartered in 1967 as a nonprofit historical & educational corporation and is approved by the Internal Revenue Service for tax deductible contributions.

This organization, prior to incorporation, started out in 1946 as a hobby and a way that Mr. Newberry could keep in touch with former squadron (RON 9) members. He started a mimeographed Christmas letter to keep his fellow friends abreast of matters of interest about other squadron members. To his surprise other PT veterans heard about this and wanted to be included. Before long this Christmas letter became a 20 page newsletter "PT Boat All Hands Newsletter" with a mailing list of thousands.

Prior to formally incorporating, Mr. Newberry found that official naval sources, including the Naval Museum, had retained very little pertaining to PT boats. So he started a drive through his newsletter to commemorate the boats and their crews, the response was so great that P.T. Boats, Inc. was formed.

Today, an active group maintain the corporate office and aid members and others with requests. They maintain the donated history files, drawings and between 8,000 and 10,000 photographs ("Please see Save The Photos Program") as well as answer questions and produce the biannual newspaper "The PT Boater" for over 7,500 PT boat veterans and other members. They also arrange, coordinate and manage a yearly reunion of PT Boaters from across the world.

Searching for Veterans

If you were involved in the P.T. boat service (which includes bases, tenders and training facilities), please contact us so we can add you to our honored list of veterans. If you were involved in building and outfitting these small boats please contact us also.

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